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Making Math Moments That Matter

Dec 31, 2018

In our first Mentoring Moments episode we chat with Nicole Martin, a 3rd/4th grade math teacher in Las Vegas Nevada. Nicole was struggling with how to structure her math lessons in a way that is engaging yet meaningful when she has so many great resources she’s found online. Nicole shares with us how after finding so many great math resources online such as 3 act math tasks, estimation 180 and more, she struggles to organize her math block to include these resources with intentionality on an ongoing basis. Listen in as we hear Nicole’s story and the tips we give her to try out in her classroom.


You’ll Learn:

  • How to structure your 70 min math block to teach through problem solving.
  • How we can maximize learning opportunities with online resources.
  • How to differentiate problem-solving tasks to meet the needs of all students - especially your high flyers.

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