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Making Math Moments That Matter

Jan 27, 2020

Ever felt like you were blindly teaching through the textbook to "cover" the curriculum?

We have too!

Teaching math exclusively from your textbook is like teaching with a bag over your head.

The textbook doesn’t allow you to SEE your students. It doesn’t take into account who your students are and where they are on...

Jan 20, 2020

In this Math Mentoring Moment Episode we speak with Patrick Kosal. Patrick a math coach from Mooresville, North Carolina - who isn’t seeing that ongoing drive to continue striving effective teaching practices in the teachers he works with. Stick with us as we learn how working with teachers is similar to working with...

Jan 13, 2020

Today we speak with Sarah Schaefer who is the go-to person when learning about the Singapore Methodology. Sarah is the Principal at M4thodology in Atlantic beach Fl and unleashes a bunch of great tips and ideas on how to use the singapore methodology in your classroom. You’ll also hear about how the Singapore method...

Jan 6, 2020

Today we speak with Craig Guthrie and Brenda Delduca as they share their insights, wisdom and experience on starting up a math council in their school. Craig and Brenda both joined our very own Kyle Pearce among others in an international project with Canada and Norway. 


Stick with us as they’ll also share what they...