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Making Math Moments That Matter

Feb 15, 2021

Christina Lincoln-Moore an innovative Constructivist educational leader who is tenacious and profoundly dedicated to mindful project-based learning to engender formidable mathematics identities. 

She is currently an Assistant Principal as well as a featured speaker focused on the humanization of mathematics for traditionally marginalized students. 

Her professional presentations include the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and California Mathematics Council.  Christina serves as the State Secretary for the California Mathematics Council (CMC) and Equity, Access, and Empowerment Chairperson of the California Mathematics Council: Southern Section (CMCS). Mrs. Lincoln-Moore is the Founder of Talk Number 2 Me™ Mathematics Consulting.

We chat with Christina today about important aspects of math class that you won’t want to tune out. 

You’ll Learn: 

  • Why mindfulness is needed in mathematics classes. 
  • How to be a bucket-filler for your students and for yourself. 
  • How to be a daring leader who values identity and mindfulness. 


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